Advanced 4 Week Package

The advance 4 week package is an in depth fully individualised training programme. The package starts with pre-programme fitness testing. The range of tests give a clear baseline of performance. Combining the test results with the needs/performance analysis gives the aims and objectives for the 4 week training protocol. Two personal training sessions a week ensure the sessions are performed professionally, safely and that the athlete gains the most from the training package.

The advanced 4 week package consists of:

  1. A needs/performance analysis. This analysis will highlight areas which the training plan will be based around. Each analysis is personalised and compiled with the help of the athlete, giving the athlete a greater understanding of the aims.
  2. Fitness Testing. A range of fitness tests will be performed. These tests highlight areas of development, strengths, weaknesses and give an indication of the athletes current level of performance. A post package test will be performed at the end of the 4 weeks. This will be analyised and compared with the pre-programme test to show improvement and new current level of performance.
  3. A 4 week training plan. The plan is personalised to the athletes specific needs. The plan is based on the outcome of the analysis. The training plan gives not only a week by week, but a session by session breakdown. The plan will have clearly defined guidelines, goals and objectives. The plan will also take into consideration the current level of the athlete and the athletes access to facilities.
  4. Personal Training Sessions. The advanced package benefits from personal training sessions. Two session per week with a motivated, high-level, professional coach. The coach will work with the athlete toward the goals and objectives identified in the analysis.
  5. Sports Therapy Massage. Included in the advanced package is one sports therapy massage per week. The massage aids recovery and helps keep the athlete in peak condition.
  6. Email and Phone Support. Each athlete can benefit from phone and email support. This means advice is only a call or click away.
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